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Managing Stress and Classroom Behavior Managing Stress and Classroom Behavior March 26 Authentic Greg Holland Jersey, 2013 | Author: Bailey Johnson | Posted in Education

The number one classroom management strategy a teacher should follow should be how to manage STRESS. As an educator for over 20 years and having taught in elementary, middle, and high school, let’s face it, teachers are on the frontline to control and manage student behavior in addition to teach their curriculum. Behavior management of your classroom starts at the beginning of the year if you want it to be successful. However, a good management strategy at the beginning does not guarantee a great middle or ending.


When the management techniques do not work, this is when the stress starts. STRESS is what we think when we are beyond potential emotionally. There are three types of stress; episodic serious, serious stress and chronic. I’m going to concentrate on chronic stress. Chronic stress hurts hour body. It can result in a heart attack, stroke Authentic Gerardo Parra Jersey , or produce cancer among other diseases.


As any teacher has learned, you are to set your standards and boundaries at the beginning, such as your class rules and procedures. How do you want questions answered, how are students to line up to leave the room and how to respect others in the class. As with those procedures you have established in your classroom, you are to establish procedures for yourself to help you eliminate the stress of managing your classroom’s behavior. You do not want to die trying to manage your classroom.


Let’s face it, no matter how much you have worked on your discipline plan with your team, there will be at least two or three students that are just not going to follow the plan. These two or three learners whether in elementary school, and you have them all day, or in middle and high school and they are distributed throughout your day Authentic DJ LeMahieu Jersey , they are there and they are not going anywhere.


When the bell rings and the classroom is finally empty, you sit in your desk and reflect on your day and you look at the desk that the student that has caused your head to hurt, your shoulders to ache and your feet to hurt, you realize you have stress. As a teacher, to be of a purpose to your students you must practice relieving your stress. One major thing you need to do is to immediately let that day go. Do not take it home. The day is done and it cannot be relived. On your way home, listen to something that is relaxing, such as a book you’ve wanted to read or music, and create in your mind a better day tomorrow. When you leave the school door, leave it there.


Practice preventive methods to prepare your self for the next day. Make a plan of what you may need to do differently the next day. Ask yourself Authentic Charlie Blackmon Jersey , is it something that I can do to prevent the behaviors tomorrow? Are the behaviors something that is prohibiting learning and disruption, then you need to correct this immediately as other students are at risk of not learning.


Talk to others. Ask how you can correct the situation in your classroom. You see, the key word here is talk and ask questions. Not complain. Complaining is NOT going to solve anything. Remember, you are in the right place at the right time. Obviously, you are to give some of your self to your students. Behavior management is not just for the students, but for the teacher as well. The way you handle the stress of managing the behavior in your classroom will allow you to be a better teacher.


Want to find out more about behavior management. Stop by Bailey Johnson’s site where you can find out all about ending your stress through Empowernetwork.empowernetwork

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