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  How to choose the right cycling clothing? My answer is you should take the quality of material and construction into consideration. And what's more you should know how well they'll meet your unique taste.

  It would be very difficult to find the right cycling apparel for each of our bodies. Here are some general tips for you to choose the correct cycling apparel for yourself.

  PANELS: Our men's cycling underwears are often designed as 6 panel shorts. With our own brand name on it. As you know the more the panel has the more comfortable the underwear offers.

  INSEAM: The leg's inseam is very important for the personal cyclists preference. Our Lycra cycling underwear (or shorts) usually has a few inches above the knee cause you know that could avoid tan lines very easily. For the baggy cycling shorts we provide Tall (about 11 inches), Short (about 5 to 7) and Regular (about 8-9 inches).

  ELASTICS: To keep the shorts in place the waist elastic is very important. Our cycling shorts even have a drawstring to pull up your shorts more easily while you're cycling, which is very useful and widely used in triathlon and fitness.

  LEG GRIPPER: If your cycling shorts (or cycling underwear) riding up in a bunch in the crotch area while you are cycling that will make you so frustrate. Make sure the cycling underwear you choose has a good 'sticky' function and sewn in securely. You'll feel more comfortable if you are cycling with that special equip.. But remember not too tight.

  STRETCH: No matter what kind of cycling underwear or cycling shorts you are ready to buy, the fabric you choose should contain Lycra. This would provide you a very well ductility and improve your flexibility and it is very hard to get deform while you are doing a cycling match.

  SIZE: A lot of people would like to choose the clothes just based on their former experience so when they are about to purchase the new cycling shorts they often neglect the size table the seller offers. That is totally wrong. This is the functional wear so the size would be very different as the casual wear. So the right way is to check your body size and then check the size the seller offers one by one to choose the perfect size for you.

  Men's cycling shorts sale; men's cycling underwear sale all of cycling clothing are just on sale. Only in our store: Click and visit:
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